Monday, November 9, 2009


Going the 90 minutes is tough.
Especially when you only came on in the 73rd.

Lost... In the penalty box...

A Ukrainian supersub and a group of humans are stranded in Liverpool after a plane crash, will they band together, or will Voronin's finishing skills be the end of them all. (probably not).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Masters of the Bench

A fantasy action-adventure about the war-torn planet of Liverpoolia and the Castle of Anfield which is coming under threat from the evil Skeletor (Played by Vincent Kompany of Manchester City) who wants to take over the planet.
A rag-tag group of freedom fighters, led by the heroic Voro-man are accidentally transported to the Reserves by a mysterious force known only as Benitez.
Once on Earth, Voro-man and Co. team up with two teenagers, from the under 18 team, as they attempt to find the Benitez and convince him to pick them in the starting XI. However, Skeletor and his Arabic-funded minions are soon hot on their trail, stopping Voro-man's attacking runs in their tracks...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Legend of Voro.

SeƱor Voro (Spanish for The Lesser Spotted Ukrainian) is the secret identity of Don Diego Andriy Voronin, a nobleman and super sub living in the post-Houllier era of Liverpool.
The character has undergone several changes through the years (Koln, Bayer Levekusen and Borussia Mochoftenmispronouncedgladbach to name a few), but the typical image of him is a masked outlaw who defends the bench of liverpool against tyrannical cold of Northern England. Not only is he much too cunning and foxlike for bumbling managers to notice his talent, but he delights in publicly displaying a shocking ponytail.


I'm so happy, so happy to be the winner of the annual Ukrainian Woman's Weekly's model/supersub... And not the other way around...

Tropical Voronin

Sweating Bullets (because goals are too difficult)
Watch as Andriy and Silvie Girard arrive, warm the bench and solve crime in the picturesque Key Mariah.

Smackdown vs. Raw vs. Voronin

Smackdown vs. Raw returns with your favorite WWE Superstars, Super Subs and high impact action.
Including Hell in a Cell, Benchwarmer and Main in Ukraine modes.

The Riders of Vorohan.

Arise Voronin, leader of the horse-people of Vorohan.